Punk Buster

Needed to play on our server. We hate cheaters, so you will need to download this if you want to be protected of them.

Here is short guide how to make it work:

1) Download pbsvc.exe.

2) Run the pbsvc.exe as admin if you are in any windows higher than XP, and select “Install/Re-install Punkbuster service”. Clicking “Next” you will have “OK ” in green at the end of every process. Click “Next” again and when it’s finished the following message appears “Tests completed successfully without error”.

3) Go to your firewall settings and be sure to allow “pnkbstrA.exe” and “pnkbstrB.exe”, later restart Windows.

4) Copy our pb folder to your game installation folder, delete yours if you have one. (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Game)

Download “PBSVC” pbsvc.exe – Downloaded 40 times – 891 KB

Download “Punk Buster” – Downloaded 44 times – 5 MB

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